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Cleaning Services & Mold Remediator

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Cleaning Services &
Power Washing

You can't rely on the rain to wash away the dirt and grime on your property's exterior. Only a professional power washing can truly clean your home's siding and windows. 

The power washing service uses of high-pressure water spray to remove the toughest dirt and grime from your siding or other areas.


With our help, your home will look like it did the day it was built!

Mold Remediator

A mold inspection consists of a visual inspection for mold growth, moisture mapping for hidden leaks, air sampling, surface sampling, and checking the air conditioning for mold.

The CMRC certification recognizes our CEO, Bruno Oliveira, as having exhibited a proficiency of knowledge required to perform professional mold remediation within the guidelines as outlined in the IICRC S520 and R520, the New York City Department of Health Remediation Guidelines, and the Environmental Protection Agency, pertaining to:

- Contents remediation
- Structural remediation
- HVAC remediation

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